Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear, Family Timepiece Jewelers'   

On the Town Luxury Wear.

We are located at:

Dover, Delaware    



We are a business specialized in fashion-time-wear (Watches).

We present you with a line of Watches, recognized as, elegant-time-wear around the world.

Classic brand names, that have a history of beauty and reliability.

All of authentic timepieces are brand new.

All of our timepieces are under warranty

Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear; has been on the scene, since, the conception of the Internet,in 1996.

very few, still living, remember a time when the family was running sales since the 1940's. 

Pete's Dance Hall was a popular gathering scene during the 1940, until the early 1960's...

It is Pete's Dance Hall, that the foundation of: Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear, was built on.

Pete's Dance Hall was the creation of my Grandfather, and Uncles dream, in the late 1930's.

Not realizing in time, celebrities who appeared at the Earl theater, and surrounding churches, would mob the corners, after there shows, to buy expensive watches, and jewelry from our grandfather, and uncle.

Pete's Dance Hall, was the Richardson, Lyburn, and Dorsey family then, and is still run by the Dorsey family.

Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear; Family Timepiece Jewelers, is the re-creation of Petes Dance hall of 1940s, and 1960's.

So, the family is alive and well.

Robert Dorsey (Rodor1960) is the youngest grandson, of the late: Peter Richardson, and nephew, to the late: Greoge Lyburn.

We stock all the timepiece brands our grand father and uncle did.

We even have a few of the same distributors, our grand father and uncle used.

So, yes, if you heard of us during these eras.  What has brought celebrities, like: Lina Horn , and Cab Calloway, Lionel Hampton and Duke Ellington. Then, we are the family still here, in memory of a family tradition.

We are:

Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear

Armani,   Bulova,   Casio,   Citizen,   Diesel,   Guess,  Invicta,  DKNY,  Movado,  Seiko,  Swiss,  Raymond Weil,   Rolex, Tommy Hilfiger : 


Guaranteed to be authentic and brand new.

Satisfaction is guaranteed to our customers.

Free shipping for all our brand name watches.

Free shipping (USA). Shipping is free in the United State only.

We ship world Wide too:

Email: Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear, for shipping cost in your location (

Curiosity Calls, by e-mail

We also, follow up with our customers during the processing period, and after they have received our products.

If you have any questions concerning our wrist watch products, please leave us your inquires by e-mail:

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