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calvin klein canada

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We are a family business out of Dover Delaware.

Our family team, has quit a rich history in the timepiece world.

We were est on-line in 1996.  

Our family has seen timepiece sales, since the  depression of the 1930s.

It is what has formed the foundation, of our company.

Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear; is just an extension of what was once known as Pete's Dance Hall during the 1930s, and 40's South Philadelphia.

In this dance hall was were you could dance, drink, and browse a long side walk, fine timepiece jewelry.

A family that's been dealing in timepiece trading for years, through the teachings of our uncle and grandfather.

It is my grandfather who was known as Pete.  With my classy Uncle who dressed and presented there items right out side the corners of the dance hall.

Known well, to some who may still live today.  Just a little corner shop, where you heard my father playing the banjo, and at times, people would just gather around the shop to listen, and browse.

We Specialize in fashion-time-wear (Watches).

We are respectfully one of a few Afro-American timepiece dealers, on the east coast, with in the on-line store business.

We are a respected company, for more then a couple hundred clients, that repeatedly order the same , but newer, models every year.

They have been loyal to us for over fifteen years.

It is the loyalty that drives our company to get it right , the first time.

Why, because we push that extra mile, to present you with the finest of the fine, in timepiece jewelry collection.

We present you with a line of Watches, recognized as, elegant-time-wear around the world.

Classic brand names, that have a history of beauty and reliability.

All of our timepieces are Authentic, and brand new, with tags. 

Also, all of our products come from certified distributors.

With old fashion handling , and trimmings, you wont see in many other places.

We do it for free, and make your new timepiece a memorable experience, from the small icon watch dealer known across the Internet, and ships world wide.

Come... ! 

Let are family, make you feel like you just brought The Rock of Gibraltar, with all the security in knowing, your timepiece wear is the finest, from our cheaper watches, to our more expensive.

We have a fear return policy, and no hassle policy, because we know your admired timepiece could be some- one else's fortune.

We are also pay-pal certified payment recipients, as well as, with amazon payments.

We are authenticated by some of the leading business on the world wide Internet, such as; Google Alex, amazon and Manta.

So, you know your good with our company. Just ask around.

We are the watch/timepiece dealers of today.

If you have any questions concerning our wrist watch products, please leave us your inquires by chat, or E-mail:

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