Buffalo Soldiers
The Peace Accord...
17X36 High Gloss photo print

This is the proud rendition of the Buffalo soldier's, commemorative gift designs.
We put these designs together, for your fashion-wear, and poster enjoyment.  
This Item is the Original Buffalo soldier's wear.

It is a fully illustrated design, ready to wear, or poster on your wall. 
Not to mention how the image jumps out at you!
There are other designs offered as well.
Also, for your facts....  
Most of our designs are more then thirty years, in the making. 
These designs are the property of: Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear/Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear/Design Center

We hope you enjoy our designs.
There contribution to Early American military Life. 

We also celebrate some of the roles woman played in settlement ,and in aid to there comrades of the 10th Calvary.
There many roles black and white woman played along side, There male counterparts.

We today commemorate the proud standings, of the 10th cavalry For the service, and to them who carry on the  tradition, in Strong, bold reenactments of the trials, the soldiers endured.  
The Indian wars , and protection of  live stock of importance to government agencies.

We present you with The Buffalo Solders commemorative, and fully Illustrated Design posters.

We hope this rendition will seal the pride and commitment,... From us,  to you the customer, and the Buffalo Soldiers leagues across the nation.

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Alynah's Story starts out with fun and laughter, as the family goes about the day at there Holiday picnic.
A nice house, deep in the country side of Maryland.
Alynah is playing with her friends, brothers and sister.  
When a strange light appears and every one is stunned for a few seconds.
The picnic continues but, Alynah is no where to be found.  
The family calls the police, fearing the worse...
Finally, after two hours, Alynah appears.
The family is grateful and relieved to see her.
When Alynah was asked of her where abouts,  Alynah said, she was taken on a space ship with strange looking people.
After going to there plantnet, they went to another plantnet, where these people frightened her.
As they returned Alynah to her family, they asked her.
what were her wishes in life..........
Alynah answered, a lot of money, so my mom can feed the world!!!

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