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Return Policy


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We except:
Master Card
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We are located at:

390 Evelyndale Drive
Dover, Delaware

Return Policy

All of our timepieces are guaranteed to be brand new. Satisfaction is 
guaranteed to our customers.

All of our timepieces are guaranteed to be authentic and brand new. 

If in any way our customer's are not satisfied with our timepiece 
products, simply return the item With in 10 days of receiving it.

Returnee's Responsibility

1. The product should have all tags that were attached to the product when 
shipped to the customers address.

2. Product must be in original packing condition, as sent by our 

3. Returnee pays all shipping Cost. 

Our Responsibility

With conditions being meant by the returnee. We will return to the 

1. For the product purchased. A full 100% refund of payment will be 
rendered back to the customer.'s account.

2. To follow up with the customer, to assure refund demands have been 
meant, through means of phone call, or e-mail.

3. Refund shall be given back, as: Money back

We honor our no Hassle Return Policy!

Contact Us: _r@cabinwatchfinetimewear.com_ 

Phone: (302)5381129

Shipping: Free / USA/ Ground 

All of our products are shipped free of charge in the U.S., Curiosity of: 

Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear.

Are there any handling fees?... No. 
There are no handling fees to worry about.

You place the order, and/ Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear, handles it from 

We use United States postal Services... UPS, Fed ex, ground shipping, and 
priority mail.

All shipping in the U.S. standard postal/ground delivery, is free.
The Shipping process starts after payment is verified.

We also, ship world wide.
All orders outside the United States, if applicable, should e-mail: 
Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear. 

We will calculate your geographical location and inform you of your 
shipping cost.

Contact Us: 

All return shipping Cost are the responsibilities of the buyer.


Most of our timepieces come with a warranty. Our standard warranty which 
comes from our distributors, covers one year coverage of your timepiece.

On many of our timepiece items, our distributors have offered up to 3 year 
standard warranties.

Our warranties are guaranteed in service to your timepiece.

We also, provide warranty coverage you can purchase through our store, 
Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear; Family Timepiece Jewelers'.

Our business is to ensure you are satisfied with your new timepiece,with 
the support, and protection from, Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear; Family 
Timepiece Jewelers'.

Thank you
To your pleasure
Robert Dorsey
Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear/Team

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