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The creator of: Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear; Family Timepiece Jewelers'. The Robert Dorsey Story, Blogg
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We are located at:
Route 13 N.Evelyndale Drive
D over, Delaware

Shipping: Free / USA/ Ground & Priority

All of our products are shipped free of charge in the U.S., Curiosity of: 

Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear.

You place your order, and/ Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear, handles it from 

We use United States postal Services... UPS, Fed ex, ground shipping, and 
priority mail.

All shipping in the U.S. standard postal/ground delivery, is free.

The Shipping process starts after payment is verified.

We also, ship world wide, as well.

But, There is likly to be a shippinging charge for now.

All orders outside the United States, if applicable, should e-mail:
Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear. 

We will contact you by e-mail, with infomation to let you know your shipping cost, with-in moments.

We will calculate your geographical location and inform you of your 
shipping cost.

Contact Us: 

Thank you
To your pleasure
Robert Dorsey
Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear/Team

Phone# (302)538-1129

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